Fees & Insurance

Direct Payment

  • $240 per 90 minutes.
  • $200 per 75 minutes.
  • $160 per hour.
  • $120 per 45 minutes.
  • $80 per 30 minutes.

For new patients - please arrive on time, during the initial visit there is a 30 minute mandatory evaluation, as well as, arbitration consent paperwork to be filled out. During the acupuncture initial evaluation with treatment visit, I require a patient responsibility deposit (Co-Insurance of $160) at the time of service for the initial appointment. After your claim is processed, should your patient responsibility amount be less than $160, I will immediately Venmo you the difference. I also send a medical claim directly to your insurance company for the services rendered during the initial 85-minute visit.

Naturopunc Acupuncture, P.C.


Every Out-of-Network (PPO) insurance policy has a percentage the patient pays the provider (Co-Insurance) depending on whether their policy is 60%/40%, 70%/30%, or 80%/20% For example, the insurance company pays 60% of the services billed and the patient pays 40% This is called fair and equal billing. 
Acupuncture follow-up sessions: $160 until I receive an Explanation of Benefits EOB from the insurance provider telling me what your group policy is willing to pay for the four modalities billed. After the first few sessions, we can determine the lesser patient responsibility amount for each follow-up session. I will reimburse you as soon as I receive the (EOB) Explanation of Benefits and the check from your health insurance company; Aetna takes two weeks to process, Cigna three weeks, United and BCBS four weeks to send out their checks to the provider. United Healthcare Shared Services (UHSS) takes five weeks to process.
PLEASE NOTE: Blue Cross Blue Shield policies usually send the checks directly to the patient.In this case, the Co-insurance hourly rate will be increased to $180.

In order for me to check your individual Out-of-Network deductible, I must have the following information:

  • Date of Birth
  • Member ID number
  • Health care company (e.g. Aetna)
  • Group number, if applicable
  • Your billing address
  • Provider Customer Service 800 number