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Orthopedic Manual Therapy/Myotherapy/ Performance Arts Therapy

Full-term Pregnancy Manual Therapy in prone position (lying belly down)

Therapeutic Stretching

Moist Heat & Far-infrared Light Table

Soft tissue injury therapy for runners, athletes, dancers, concert musicians, performance artists, computer jockeys

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Manual Therapy

Kinesiology taping for muscle or tendon strain


I have had a Home-Office for 24 years in Chelsea specializing in Pre-Natal Care, Medical Manual Therapy for soft tissue injury, and more recently, Acupuncture. Myotherapy and manual care for pregnancy issues are a combination of 24 years of experience, gifted, healing hands, as well as, deep circulation of energy (qi) and blood to warm, nourish, and moisten the sinews and muscles of the body.

My goal is to relieve the body of muscular pain and bring balance to the free flow of energy and blood throughout the human system. I began at age four to work on family members. 55 years later, I combine my experience as both a NYS licensed acupuncturist and manual therapist in a technique that is able to search out anomalies within the tissue, release the pain and allow healing to begin.

Whether your pain is caused by trauma to the body, injury, repetitive use, rehearsing the piano, violin, cello, general soft tissue dysfunction, post-surgical obstruction within the tissues, sitting long hours at a computer, traveling, training for a marathon, competitive swimming or baseball, Olympic weightlifting, professional performance arts, gymnastics or simply sleeping in an unfortunate position, I am optimistic that 55 years of hands-on experience (24 years of private clinical practice, investigation and research) has qualified me to send you off educated, confident, feeling better, and happy that you made the appointment.                                                          

During our brief intake time within the 60 minute session, we will solve the dilemma of just how you acquired this musculoskeletal/joint pain. After treatment, you may have stretches assigned to you to assist in your recovery and homework for the prevention of this same debilitating condition in the future.

As both a NYS licensed acupuncturist, medical manual therapist, I honed my specialized skills in the early 1990's directly on Broadway's finest dancers and principal actors. The mutual goal was to get them back on stage during that performance; a physical pit-stop therapy. By the mid-90's I was one of four premier massage therapists attending EVERY musical theatre show on Broadway and specializing in dance performance injuries.

I will get you back to your normal daily activities as quickly as possible. A session consists of intake about what happened, the history, and insights you have regarding your condition, consent to treat forms and waivers, hands on medical therapy with moist heat, and therapeutic stretches. My table is unusually comfortable, patients lie upon amethyst crystals and far-infra red light to heal lymph and blood. Amethyst crystals are gem stones that radiate divine love; calm, protect, and inspire the soul.

I use natural, organic nut-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, fragrance-free Sacred Earth therapy oil, and organic eucalyptus and lavender essential oils. Please let me know if you are allergic to liniments or fragrances and I will put them aside. Techniques also include acupressure, tuina, soft tissue manipulation, and other skilled clinical therapies.

Disclaimer: If you are in acute pain, you should first see a sports medicine Physiatrist (MD or Osteopath DO) for a medical diagnosis. I can recommend three to you.

When appropriate, I do refer patients to physiatrists, yoga, Alexander Technique, herbalists, physical therapists, osteopaths, podiatrists, and nutritionists.   


Chelsea Home-Office by appointment only.