TEXT ME FOR AN APPOINTMENT. Do not call me, I do not answer the phone.

*Cancellation policy is standard professional policy for responsible adults to give notice of 24 hours in advance to cancel an appointment.


My HomeOffice is where I have practiced for over 28 years. I have an intake desk and a clinic room, which on-going patients prefer over any professional space I have ever rented, four so far, because it is cozy, has great healing energy, warm, and relaxing, and spacious without costing me $4000. additional per month !!! - and that is a major plus. It is located at Sixth Ave and W15th Street in Chelsea. Hedwig Potter is my rescue-adoption Hungarian Pumi sheep-herder. She barks when someone enters or leaves the space.

Business Policies:

Each patient must make their own appointment (unless they are younger than 18 years of age and must be accompanied by a legal guardian to sign the legal arbitration papers required by insurance companies).

The friend or partner of a person or his/her/they assistant or bookkeeper may not attempt to make an appointment for him/her/they, nor may anyone attempt to make an appointment on behalf of their boss. I do not offer gift certificates - this is healthcare not a spa.

People who do not make their own appointments do not feel committed to keeping them and have proven to be too busy and stressed out to keep them. This policy is the result of 28 years of experience.

Therapy works best when the patient is a willing participant. Please do not attempt to set up appointments for your partners. (Thank you for the referral). *Patients under 18 years must be accompanied by a legal guardian for the first visit. Eat a light meal before the appointment.